Regional Alliances

Our YEA Regional Alliance brings together key youth, enterprise and social policy stakeholders. Their aim is to explore best practice in integrating entrepreneurship education into creative arts and youth work, creating individual and collective commitments to action in our YEA Action Plan. The Regional Alliance is the development of relations to create a shared vision for youth, enterprise and arts. Some of these stakeholders may include

  • Higher Education and Vocational Education bodies with specific youth sectorial and entrepreneurship experience
  • Creative arts and youth work industry networks and clusters
  • Local Government/Council Local enterprise agencies and economic development bodies
  • Arts Council
  • Community organisations & networks Arts and culture bodies
  • Youth organisations
  • Social inclusion bodies


The YEA Regional Alliance in France is led by Musiques de nuit diffusion. Stakeholders in the Alliance include local authorities, training organisations and enterprise and specifically those in these organisations who are involved in supporting the Youth, Enterprise and arts sectors.

Interested in finding out more or joining this Alliance

Contact: Le Rocher de Palmer – Musiques de nuit / +33 5 56 74 52 94

Who’s involved?

The relevant stakeholders associated with the YEA Project include government agencies, VET Providers, local authorities, youth organisations and social workers. The stakeholders of our RA were selected because they feel important to better coordinate this actions around youth and entrepreneurship in this area of France.

National employment body in the field of arts

Pôle emploi spectacle Bordeaux

Local authorities in the field of youth insertion

GIP / GPV Social LAB

Centre d’Insertion Sociale et Economique

EMA Rive Droite

Mission Locale Haut de Garonne

VET providers

Musiques de nuit diffusion

Osons Ici et Maintenant / Fabrik à Déclik


Haut de Garonne développement

Coop Alpha


Coopérative Tiers Lieux


In France it’s possible to identify several initiative for youth entrepreneurship because of the state policy and the activities of social bodies on the territory. Although their action is complementary for going from the idea to the project, the organisations active in the mentoring of young often don’t know the existence and actions of one each other. The aim of this RA is to create a better understanding between the partners themselves, in order to accompany young better from their idea to their project, taking in account the specificity of each young and each project.

Short Medium Term

  • Realise a mapping of the organisations in order to be complementary to help the young for their projects.
  • Sensibilise to entrepreneurship in the field of youth.
  • Disseminate YEA Toolkit and the curriculum content/ YEA website among the partners.
  • Video Case Studies- Promoting young entrepreneurship start-ups

Long term/Strategic Actions

  • Organise small meetings with youth workers in order to show them how to use YEA curriculum contents.
  • Continue the RA in order to always be aware of what are doing the partners to accompany the young towards creative entrepreneurship.
  • Valorise the specificity of creative and artistic entrepreneurship

Multiplier Event

Event Name: Rencontres européennes sur l’entrepreneuriat culturel / European meeting on entrepreneurship in the field of ICC
Event Location: Rocher de Palmer, Cenon, France
Event Date: 28th October 2016

“Rencontres européennes sur l’entrepreneuriat culturel”


 Young from Rocher de Palmer’s incubator presenting their business in the field of ICC.

During this day, YEA project and youth entrepreneurship through arts was at the heart of multiplier event.

First, a presentation of the YEA project has been realised by Hervé Castelli, Musique de nuit’s assistant director and Antoine Gambin, VisMedNet’s director to the audience composed by young, entrepreneurs in the field of ICC, local authorities, public bodies, entreprises and university.

The Tool Kit and the work realised by the Regional Alliance was presented to the audience to explained what was the importance of such an alliance and what for.

A very active time exchange around what is/means entrepreneurship, in France and in Europe and how to help young began.

Then, in order to follow and to give concrete exemple of how using the toolkit and why YEA project is a project producing resources, some young of the Rocher’s incubator presented their work and activities. They explained in which way, the resources could help them in their daily activities.

Then, the RA partners organised workshops to present themselves to the audience. This has been successful for the audience to understand the complementarity of French Regional Alliance and the concrete interest of the project.

Thanks to this multiplier event, some organisation are interested in join the RA, and some young identified the adequate organisation to help them in the development of their project.