Northern Ireland
Regional Alliances

The Northern Ireland/UK region targeted businesses, local authorities, education authorities, youth workers, artists/creative individuals and arts based enterprises in the Tyrone, Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon, Belfast, Derry/Londonderry area.

To date we have representatives from Mid-Ulster, Belfast and Armagh within the Regional Alliance

Within the RA there is a mix of:

  • Community Development Officer
  • Youth Organisations
  • Drama/Art Facilitators
  • Amateur Theatre Groups
  • Government Agencies

Summary of Key Actions

  • Recruitment of relevant stakeholders.
  • Presentation of YEA and what the mission of the Regional Alliance is.
  • Agree on aims and suitable actions.
  • Research, available resources for youth in the region. What’s out there at the minute
  • Look at solutions to encourage Youth into arts.
  • Research youth enterprise and creative arts. Is there any difficulties, gaps, training etc.
  • Assign responsibilities for stakeholders.
  • Multiplier Event
  • Recruitment for Train the trainer
  • Sustainability and awareness of YEA

Name: Damian Mc Caul
Company: The Torrent Complex

Name: Mickey Carlin
Company: Craic Theatre

Name: Gavin O Conor
Company: Art Council Northern Ireland

Name: Sarah Jane Nugent
Company: Freelance Facilitator
Website: N/A

Name: Josh Cuddy
Company: Freelance Facilitator
Website: N/A

Name: Noel Comac
Company: Graphic Designer

Name: Aisling Brady
Company: Community Development Officer
Website: N/A

Name: Gillian Maxwell
Company: Rural Development Council

Name: Sean Faloon
Company: Bardic Theatre

Name: Fergal O Donnell
Company: Galbally Community Centre

Name: Claire Shaw
Company: Cinemagic

Name: Marie Skelton
Company: South West College

Name: Alanna Collins
Company: Dungannon Enterprise Centre

Name: Grace Girvan
Company: Beam Creative Network