Networker/Media Rep

The YEA project has been carefully structured to find new ways to integrating entrepreneurship training into youth services in the field of creative, performing and digital arts. Rather than viewing entrepreneurship just as a means to self-employment, YEA is built on the premise that entrepreneurship is a transversal skill of relevance to all young people because of the numerous ways it can be employed to further their goals.

As a Networker or Media Representative the YEA project can provide you with:

  • A better understanding of the issues around developing enterprise and innovation skills in young people.
  • Information and case studies on a pioneering new approach we call “Youth Entrepreneurship through Arts REGIONAL ALLIANCES”. These bring together key youth, enterprise, and social policy stakeholders to explore best practice in integrating entrepreneurship education into creative arts youth work, devising individual and collective commitments to action in a YEA ACTION PLAN;
  • Detailed knowledge of the latest trends and models of entrepreneurship which encourage social innovation – empowering individuals and contributing to overcoming wider problems in the community;
  • A range of publications, original research, news release and newsletters covering the areas of youth enterprise and innovation in the creative, performance and digital arts.