The Partners

The project is lead by Dungannon Enterprise Centre, the principal supplier of enterprise education and training in the South Tyrone region, known for its predominantly rural setting, high concentration of immigrants and strong creative, especially dramatic, tradition. Over more than 20 years, the Centre has assisted more than 1,500 enterprises and is part of the official Enterprise NI network of 32 enterprise development centres. Its recent Innovateher course has been successful in inspiring entrepreneurial mind sets in young women. DEC will lead the development of the course curriculum and training content and support BEAM in the Northern Irish Regional Alliance.

Roscommon Integrated Development Company (RIDC) coordinates development projects in enterprise, rural development and social inclusion that work for the betterment of the people of county Roscommon. A hub organization working with dozens of regional and national partners, RIDC Is used to effecting change through collective impact and so will lead the development of the Regional Alliance Tool kit, as well as coordinating the Regional Alliance in North West Ireland. It has a strong youth mandate tackling economic and social exclusion in the county.

Beam Creative Network (BEAM) is an arts based youth work organization which has worked in 24 council areas engaging over 100,000 young people in arts and drama programme, exploring issues such as diversity, cultural identity and conflict resolution.   As a leading deliverer of creative youth services, BEAM will oversee the development of the Regional Alliances and lead partners in the development of the Action Plans to improve entrepreneurial education in creative and artistic youth projects.

Momentum is an accredited training centre with a specialization in online and blended learning. They will use their pedagogic and technical expertise to transfer the course content into a multimedia online training resource, will assist RIDC in the Regional Alliance in North West Ireland and will be responsible for the Quality Management and Evaluation strategy.

Musique de Nuit Diffusion (MDN) is an organization based in Le Rocher de Palmer cultural centre in Cenon, Bordeaux. Beside cultural production, in partnership with local and international institutions the Rocher has evolved many programmes of practice and discovery of world cultures towards its audiences including: workshops, residencies, masterclasses, chats, “musical naps”, conferences, house concerts. Those experiences of sharing demonstrate how unique and open to all this cultural center is. Given their direct links to a network of youth workers and young people, they will coordinate the pilot test of our training curriculum and course.

Vismednet is a Maltese non-profit youth work organization whose programmes include audiovisual skills training, leadership skills, international exchanges, and training of youth leaders, placing particular emphasis on the validation of informal and nonformal learning. They will lead the Maltese Regional Alliance and will coordinate the dissemination and sustainability strategy.

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