Youth Worker

The YEA project has been carefully structured to find new ways to integrating entrepreneurship training into youth services in the field of creative, performing and digital arts. Rather than viewing entrepreneurship just as a means to self-employment, YEA is built on the premise that entrepreneurship is a transversal skill of relevance to all young people because of the numerous ways it can be employed to further their goals.

As a Youth Worker the YEA project can provide you with:

  • Professional skills, strategies and tools to integrate entrepreneurship and innovation education within existing creative arts programmes These Strategies and Tools will prioritize participative, “hands-on” style exercises and lead to the development of a proposal for an innovative, sustainable initiative;
  • Detailed knowledge of the latest trends and models of entrepreneurship which encourage social innovation – empowering individuals and contributing to overcoming wider problems in the community;
  • Techniques to encourage innovation and entrepreneurial mindset and skills in the young people you work with.